Influenza Vaccination Promotion

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Influenza Vaccination Promotion  Vaccination & Immunization For Adults & Children

Influenza Vaccine

Influenza vaccine is typically injected on annual basis to protect you from flu infection, a viral respiratory illness that spreads rather easily. It is potent enough to cause health complications and possibly death even. 

Getting a flu shot enables protection for yourself and those around you. Individual who is aged at least a year old and above should be vaccinated for Influenza in order to reduce said illness and the hospitalization rate, as well as to shield the vulnerable populations during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Besides, Influenza vaccine is vital for children and here is why. Influenza in children can be difficult to distinguish because there are infections by other viruses which cause similar symptoms. Having your child(ren) Influenza-vaccinated makes it easier for doctor to diagnose accurately and propose treatment accordingly when the possibility of having flu can be safely disregarded.




这个季节,流感疫苗接种比以往任何时候都更重要,以保护自己和周围的人。为了减轻呼吸道疾病和住院的负担,并在持续的 COVID-19 大流行期间帮助保护弱势群体,每位一岁及以上 的人都应该接种流感疫苗。

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