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Blood Screening / Body Check Up / Blood Test / Urine Test

May 30, 2019
Klinik Medilove, your clinic situated at the center of Klang Valley , is specialised in blood screening or body check up to detect any early illnesses or diseases. 
Our blood tests measure the important parameters of the body like full blood count, renal function test , seurm uric acid, liver function, cholesterol level, lipid studies, 3 monthly average sugar level, thyroid function test , h pylori infection, HIV infection, hepatitis B infection, Hepatitis A antibodies, sexually transmitted disease, Rheumatoid factor, urine test. 

Other than the routine blood tests, we also provide special blood test such as pre-marital blood test ( Hb analysis, STDs) , pre-employment blood test ( urine drugs and transmitted diseases), glucose tolerance test, pre- FOMEMA blood test, cancer test like AFP (Liver Cancer) , CEA (Colon Cancer),  CA153 (Breast cancer), CA199 (Pancreatic Cancer), EBV ( Nasopharyngeal cancer) , CA125 (ovarian cancer) , PSA (Prostatic Cancer). 

We also provide ultrasound screening.
Abdomen screening - liver span , liver echogenicity, liver cyst, gall bladder ,gall stone , kidney size and kidney stone 
Pelvis screening  - bladder uterus and ovaries , prostate screening.

We also have ECG for the heart screening, where we can know more of our heart beats irregularities / rate / enlargement or any abnormalities. 

We also provide PAP smear for cervical cancer screening and proper breast examination technique.

We are here to commit to provide the best of the services to the community around here and strive to the best for our healths. 

Healthy Living is your choice !! 

For more enquiries, please contact the klinik 03-62420885 or whatapps 01120034426 (Whatapps only)

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