Typhoid Vaccination

Take Typhoid Out With One Shot:
Typhoid Vaccination is compulsory for all food and beverages handlers under the Malaysian Food Act 1983 and Food Hygiene Regulation 2009. It is also essential for those travelling to countries where typhoid (Salmonella Typhi) is common.

根據1983年《馬來西亞食品法》和2009年《食品衛生條例》, 所有食品和啤酒消費者都必須接種傷寒疫苗。對於那些前往傷寒 (傷寒沙門氏菌) 常見的國家的人來說, 這也是必不可少的。

请问在饮食界服务的你们注射“伤寒预防针“ 了吗?

餐馆饮食业的老板们必须为你的员工注射伤寒预防针(Tyhpoid) 以确保在准备食物的过程当中保护消费者的健康与安全。

如果有興趣可以聯繫我們 012-381 8817 / 03-6242 0885 .

Do you have a ''typhoid vaccination'' in the catering industry?

The owner of the restaurant catering industry must inject Typhoid into your staff to ensure the health and safety of consumers during the preparation of food.
After the injection of typhoid vaccine, we will prove to the card that you have been injected; each injection of vaccine can last for 3 years.

If you are interested, please contact us at 012-381 8817 / 03-6242 0885 .


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