Antenatal Check Up 产前检查

Antenatal Check Up 产前检查 Antenatal Check Up

Do You Think Antenatal Check Up is important ?产前检查重要吗?

What will happen during the appointments?

The antenatal care you get throughout your pregnancy depends on:

  • your health and any risks you or your baby may have
  • your stage of pregnancy
  • any problems you may be experiencing

There will be a number of checks, scans, tests and discussions, such as:

  • when the baby is due, what trimester you are in and what this means for you and your baby
  • finding out about your medical history, general health and how any previous pregnancies were
  • discussing any medication you are taking
  • ensuring you’ve had a recent pap test
  • making sure your mental health is OK, and supporting you if you have depression or anxiety
  • checking your blood pressure and weight and testing your urine
  • organising blood tests and screening
  • providing advice on healthy eating and lifestyle changes
  • feeling and measuring your tummy, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat
  • asking you about your home environment, work and what support you have. If you are experiencing family violence, this is a good opportunity for you to discuss it
  • checking about any physical symptoms that may be bothering you
  • running through your birth plan with you
  • talking about if something doesn’t go to plan during the birth
  • finding out about antenatal classes
advice about taking your baby homefeeding them and other care

  • 您的健康以及您或您的孩子可能有的任何风险
  • 您的怀孕阶段
  • 您可能遇到的任何问题
  • 婴儿何时到期,您现在处于哪个孕期以及这对您和您的婴儿意味着什么
  • 了解您的病史,总体健康状况以及以前的怀孕情况
  • 讨论您正在服用的任何药物
  • 确保您最近进行了一次子宫颈抹片检查
  • 确保您的心理健康状况良好,如果您患有抑郁症或焦虑症,请给予支持
  • 检查血压和体重并测试尿液
  • 组织血液检查和筛查
  • 提供有关健康饮食和生活方式改变的建议
  • 感觉和测量您的肚子,并聆听婴儿的心跳
  • 向您询问您的家庭环境,工作以及获得的支持。如果您遇到家庭暴力,这是一个很好的机会来讨论它
  • 检查任何可能困扰您的身体症状
  • 与您一起完成生育计划
  • 谈论是否在分娩过程中没有计划
  • 了解产前班

Gynecologist Doctor Consultation Hour : Every Saturday 1 : 00 pm- 9 : 00 pm 

Consultation Hour
Monday - Friday : 8 : 00 am - 10 : 00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 8 :00 am - 9 : 00 pm

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