Pre-marital Health Screening RM650 For Two!

03 Oct 2022
Pre-marital Health Screening RM650 For Two!
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One of the main turning points in life is marriage. It is a commitment made by two individuals who have made the decision to move forward in creating a life together. A pre-marital health test is a crucial component that is frequently overlooked as the excitement of wedding planning begins.
Pre-marital health screening is a test that evaluates a couple's health before they get married and informs them of their present health status. It also draws attention to potential health issues including contagious and transmissible illnesses that might endanger their spouse and their future children if they decide to create a family.

When a couple registers for a wedding in Malaysia, they frequently need to undergo premarital health screening. This safety measure is for the couple's benefit as they map out their family planning together.

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